Bulk Density Apparatus – Model no:  951 from Electronics India is a used to study the packing down of powder beds of different forms- powders, granules, flakes, pellets and other bulk substances. The system has ‘SET’, ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ keys, for setting the total number of required strokes (Set Count) for the current measurement session. User can set to any number of required strokes within the range from 1 to 9999 counts.

Bulk density is an essential test required in the process of powder processing, tablet, capsule filling, etc. The bulk density is one of the parameter to understand the packing efficiency powdered samples. It is the ratio of the mass of powder sample in untapped condition to its volume including the contribution of the interparticulate void volume. The bulk density depends on the density of powder particles and the spatial arrangement of particles in the container.