The mechanical properties and there by the performance of dental restorations and adhesive to different substrates are usually evaluated by bond strength testing. This includes tensile bond strength, shear bond strength and push out tests. Macro scale testing is usually performed because of the popularity, simplicity in sample preparation. However, micro testing methods are more consistent because of the presence of less and smaller defects at the interface.  Tensile test is a measure of the force required to break the specimen having a standard size and shape and gives an idea of the extent of stretches and elongation during the break. One such application is in evaluating the bond strength of resin- dentin bonds.

Prevest Research Institute is equipped with machines for microtensile test as well, model:  OM100, from Odeme Dental Research. The Microtensile machine is having features to perform other tests also, as microshear, micro flexure three points and micro flexure 4 points. It has a serial port connection to automatic identification. The machine is having a capacity up to 50 kgf (500 N), and shaft work is horizontal. The analysis is by with reports and charts as stress x strain. Machine is having jaws and claws, removal device for specimens, microshear device and ISO device for 3 points flexure tests.