Electrospinning is a versatile technique for generating ultrathin fibers (nanofibers). Electrospinning have a wide variety of applications in tissue engineering, bone graft, wound dressing, drug release, etc. due to their unique properties and nanoscale structure. The basic set up consists of a high voltage system, spinneret and collector. The technique involve an electrohydrodynamic process in which a charged liquid polymer solution is introduced into an electric field by which liquid droplet is electrified to generate a jet, followed by stretching and elongation to generate fibers.

Prevest Research Institute is having and advanced electrospinning unit for nanofiber fabrication from E-Spin Nanotech; model: Super ES-2. Voltage output Range is: 0-50 KV and output current: 0-400 uA. Syringe pump: Two channel with independent control; co-axial nozzle for making core-shell, hollow and Bi- component fiber Multi-nozzle for high throughput. Spinneret: co-axial nozzle, multi-nozzle, single nozzle; Collector: Stationary collector, Drum collector, Disc collector and UV light for curing.