It is based on rotational motion working principle, that is to attain the simple shearing flow, to control the strain rate, that in terms of applied control strain rate, which is rotation and then measuring the couple or torque. Rheometers are used to determine the deformation and flow behavior of all kind of materials. The two most common test types are rotation and oscillation.

Prevest Research Institute possesses a Modular Compact Rheometer, MCR 102e (Anton Paar) which runs the software: RheoCompass. The Max. Angular velocity (rad/s) = 314 and
Max. Speed (1/min) = 3000.


The Rheometer has application in all powder processing industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Fine Chemicals, Food, Cosmetics, Toners, Metals, Ceramics, Plastics, Powder Coatings, Cements and Additive Manufacturing. We are monitoring the quality of raw materials, finished products, manufacturing processes (mixing, pumping, packaging, and filling) and also evaluate the effect of different parameters such as formulation, storage time, and temperature on the quality and acceptability of a final product. Rheometer is also useful in testing the flow, deformation, viscosity characteristics of resin, gel, paste etc.