A spectrophotometer essentially quantifies instead of a qualitative way on how much a given material reflects or absorbs light. We may think to describe an opaque product as red or blue, with a matte or glossy sheen. Spectrophotometers take this evaluation a step further and quantify those characteristics into something that can be measured and used in precise applications, including clinical diagnosis, quality control, product design, and biochemical research.

Prevest Research Institute, have a Konica Minolta CM-5 Model Spectrophotometer which works in the wavelength range 360nm to 740nm with the Software: SpectraMagicNX.

Spectrophotometer is widely used in various fields such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, Research and development etc. We are ensuring our products are consistent in quality by matching color each and every time and detect concentration that affects our product. We are also identifying product readiness i.e., measuring the extent of specific processes, like oxidization, stability, etc. by checking color.