Thermocycling is one of the common methods for the initial evaluation dental materials. Thermocycling is based on the diffusion of heat and moisture which can change the physico-chemical, mechanical, surface and aesthetic characteristics. The performance of dental restorative materials during actual clinical usage is better simulated by the thermocycling process. This is by repeatedly subjecting to thermal changes similar to that in the oral cavity that could produce adverse consequences as a result of different coefficients of thermal expansion between the tooth structure and the filling material. In vitro testing of biomaterials is unavoidable for the routine screening and to evaluate the materials performance for understanding the longevity of the functional performance. Colour stability of aesthetic restorative materials are better studied by thermo cycler containing water baths maintained at 5°C and 55°C. The surface roughness and microhardness variation can also be studied by using thermocycling apparatus by accelerating the artificial aging of the samples.

Prevest Research Institute is having a thermocycling apparatus form Odeme Dental Research, Model: OMC 250TS. The instrument is having two tanks (cold and intermediate or cold and hot baths); with  independent temperature control in each tank; automatic tank filling with level control; PLC control; adjustable immersion time; selection of the number of cycles and dwell time.