Prevest Research Institute is having a double-beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Model: Shimadzu 1900i. This is accompanied by “LabSolutions UV-Vis” control software for efficient analysis. This Spectrophotometer finds its application in both research and development and quality control in qualitative as well as quantitative manner.

UV-visible spectra will not give an absolute identification of an unknown compound, but the spectra are frequently used to confirm the identity of a substance through comparison of the measured spectrum with a reference spectrum. Qualitative analysis can be used to identify certain classes of compounds both as pure samples and in biological mixtures. This type of spectroscopy is most commonly used for quantification of biological samples either directly or via colorimetric assays. UV- Vis Spectroscopy is useful in measurement of impurities in Ethanol, Eugenol, etc.; identification of absorbance of chromophore containing compounds, measurement of color, identification of concentration of unknowns by plotting calibration curve which is much useful in drug elution studies. 

quality of compounds used in human food, health and cosmetic products, to identify if drug samples are counterfeit or adulterated. FTIR is also much helpful to find degree of conversion of polymer based materials in dentistry by calculation which is based on ratios of area or height of specific peaks in the FTIR-spectrum of the material.